I would love to change the world, I just don’t have the source code yet.

I am Afzal Multani and working as WordPress developer @multidots.

Working for Multidots is a lot of fun and i’m enjoying every day!

I am a Web and WordPress developer living in Ahmedabad the heart of Gujarat, from the India.

I am passionate about programming (particularly web-based) and love to design and built web sites / services from scratch.

This is my blog and I dump my thoughts and ideas (or rants) and try to document things that happen in my life. I have programmed for more than a two years.

I love WordPress and the community that’s developed around it.

Why? WordPress and its community truly made me appreciate the power of open source software and the generosity of the open source spirit.

I started this site as a hobby so that I can return back to this online world from where I have learned and still learning so many things.

Have a nice stay 🙂