Tools That Help In Delivery Of WordPress Websites Free Of All Errors

Testing is most important part of any project development process because only through this process you will know what customers will be facing while accessing your website. If you are not testing your online solution then you will never have any idea about the experience of customers trying to go through your website and about the future of the website.

Testing covers every part of the solution like faults in design, performance, working of functions, speed at different level, optimizations and many more. For an online solution one of the major tests would be performance of the portal on multiple browsers. According to the results of these tests you can always consult WordPress theme customization service providers and get the modifications in your design as per the requirements.
Let us see tools that help in the testing.

Before using tools the first thing you can check is whether your online store is cross-browser compatible and that you can check by yourself. All you need to do is open your store in different browsers and observe if there is any kind of glitch you find. You need to think like a customer so that you will know the actual changes that is required.

It is not always necessary to go for professional services, you can check various wordpress customization service Blogs and then try to do the customization by yourself with minimal codes.

Browser SandBox
This is free tool that will check your online solution on all versions of Google Chrome, Firefox , Safari and Internet explorer online. There is no need of installing anything and just a click will give complete results on various browsers.

This is the right tool for those who want to know the difference between various browsers. This is also free tool that will test browsers side by side and will let you know about the differences between two browsers. If you want to have some useful information about various browsers then this is a bonus tool.

This is the most famous testing tool among wordpress theme customization developers because this will check your online solution on all popular windows and Android browsers. So, you will know about the compatibility of your site on mobile devices. The tool is completely free and all you need to do is enter your homepage URL and rest of the work will be taken care by the tool.

Apart from these popular tools there are many more tools that help in the testing of your online portals.

Benefits Of Using WordPress To Power Your Company Website

WordPress has been launched in 2003 and from that time it has become the most popular blogging platform in the industry. It is considered as the strongest Content Management System available in the market. Here are few benefits of using WordPress for your websites.
Handling is Easy
WordPress platform has a very user friendly interface that makes it easy for the user to handle. Each and every process like adding page, updating details, images, adding or deleting themes etc. is so easy that it does not require any kind of technical knowledge. This feature has attracted many wordpress designing company to this technology.
Computer Free
If you use any software to develop your website then you cannot edit that software using any other computer unless the same software is installed in other systems also. However, WordPress is browser based platform, so it can be accessed through any computers.
Search Engine Friendly
WordPress Platform is designed as very search engine friendly and all the pages developed using the platform will have very simple and clean code behind pages that perform really well in search engine results. WordPress website design company India learnt this technology and started to master the platform in order to deliver the desired products.
Scalable Website
Websites developed using WordPress platforms are very scalable and you can keep on adding pages as your business is growing. Regardless of the pages added in the web portal the performance of the website will be always on the top. As the hosting is provided by the platform itself, even hosting issues are tackled internally. These features are really blessings for WordPress designer.
WordPress has brought a kind of revolution in web designing industry as the whole procedure is simplified and now designers can develop a very attractive and feature-rich web portal effortlessly.

Why WooCommerce Is Good For E-Commerce Business

Looking to set up an e-commerce store? Well, WooCommerce and e-commerce make a great pairing. WooCommerce is more than just another free WordPress plugin.It has an array of incredible features that makes it one of the most widely preferred platforms for setting up a good-looking and user-friendly online store.Such is its popularity that nearly one-third of online stores are powered by this one.An open-source platform, WooCommerce boasts of seamless integration with WordPress, which makes it a perfect choice for taking your business online.And there are so many other reasons for choosing this shopping cart plugin with your WordPress site:

Limitless Flexibility
WooCommerce offers the power of immense flexibility where the merchants can conveniently handle the products without technical expertise.They can sell physical, downloadable, virtual, and affiliate products on WooCommerce stores.While the core version brings a range of basic features and functionalities for free, there are premium extensions for more.With these extensions, merchants can categorize products, offer bookings, sell subscriptions, and memberships.

Appealing Interface
By opting for this platform, merchants can have an appealing interface for their online store.The default WordPress themes ensure that the store design is contemporary and adheres to current trends.It is easy to integrate WordPress content into the e-commerce store as well as make it responsive for various devices.A range of theme extensions is available for customizing the store with WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is a platform which has been specifically created with developers in mind.They can easily customize the sites, build extensions, and apply filters too.Also, it easy for them to migrate the existing store from its current platform to WooCommerce.
It can be integrated with any service because it is built with REST API.With this platform, developers can scale the client’s store according to their requirements.

Comprehensive Features
Another reason that WooCommerce makes a perfect partner for e-commerce is that it brings comprehensive features that any online store needs to run. It has an array of pre-installed payment gateways to facilitate the payment function.The additional user-friendly features include complete control over the checkout process, built-in geolocation support for shipping function, default currency options, and automatic tax management.

Integrated SEO
Since WooCommerce runs on WordPress, it gets the benefit integrated SEO which strengthens the core marketing strategy of the store. Features such as discount codes and coupons, product reviews, wishlists, e-mailers, product bundles, reward points, and social media integration can further enhance the marketing plan.

Built-In Analytics
The platform comes with built-in analytics, which arms the merchants with the capability understand the user behavior and frame their business plans accordingly.With this powerful feature, they can track sales and growth trends as well as generate performance reports for the business.

Effective CRM
WooCommerce facilitates effective CRM which means enhanced customer satisfaction and success for the business. The platform enables the seller to control customer accounts, generate automatic passwords for them, display product variables, offer one-click refunds, and integrate third party services.

Hence, it can be said that WooCommerce makes an excellent choice for building a WordPress website for your e-commerce business.