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Looking for WordPress Theme Standard! Here is the things to follow in WordPress Theme

Are you looking for WordPress Theme Standard! Here is the things to follow in WordPress Theme # style.css In WordPress Theme name not use keyword like ‘WordPress’, ‘Theme’. Text domain must be mentioned. Example: Text Domain: ‘Dexter’ Theme URI and Author URI are optional. If used Theme URI link with the page of theme information and Author URI link with the author personal site or project development site. Avoid using ‘’ as Theme or Author URI. License and License URI

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Are you programmer! You should adopt these programming habits

Are you programmer! You should adopt these programming habits, Since past one decade you would have noticed that there have been tremendous changes in the technological world. Everyday there is a new invention in the online technological world. These changes have opened up a vast hub of various options and opportunities to the businessmen. With the advent of internet there are many online businesses which are being established on a daily basis. The small businesses that have just entered the

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Solution Of Common WordPress Problems

WordPress is all about making your life easier as a webmaster and it makes everything from choosing a design to adding new features much faster and more straightforward than it otherwise would be. But just because WordPress is designed to make life easier, that doesn’t always mean it’s completely without it’s issues and it certainly doesn’t mean nothing can ever go wrong. If you’re going to be using WordPress to run your site for the next several years, then in

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Tools That Help In Delivery Of WordPress Websites Free Of All Errors

Tools That Help In Delivery Of WordPress Websites Free Of All Errors, Testing is most important part of any project development process because only through this process you will know what customers will be facing while accessing your website. If you are not testing your online solution then you will never have any idea about the experience of customers trying to go through your website and about the future of the website. Testing covers every part of the solution like

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Benefits Of Using WordPress To Power Your Company Website

Are you using the WordPress for Power Your Company Website! WordPress has been launched in 2003 and from that time it has become the most popular blogging platform in the industry. It is considered as the strongest Content Management System available in the market. Here are few benefits of Using WordPress Power Your Company Website. Handling is Easy WordPress platform has a very user friendly interface that makes it easy for the user to handle. Each and every process like

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Why WooCommerce Is Good For E-Commerce Business

Looking to set up an e-commerce store? Well, WooCommerce and e-commerce make a great pairing. WooCommerce is more than just another free WordPress plugin.It has an array of incredible features that makes it one of the most widely preferred platforms for setting up a good-looking and user-friendly online store.Such is its popularity that nearly one-third of online stores are powered by this one.An open-source platform, WooCommerce boasts of seamless integration with WordPress, which makes it a perfect choice for taking

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