Solution Of Common WordPress Problems

WordPress is all about making your life easier as a webmaster and it makes everything from choosing a design to adding new features much faster and more straightforward than it otherwise would be. But just because WordPress is designed to make life easier, that doesn’t always mean it’s completely without it’s issues and it certainly doesn’t mean nothing can ever go wrong. If you’re going to be using WordPress to run your site for the next several years, then in all likelihood you will run into at least one or two snags along the way.

Fortunately, WordPress also has the advantage of a huge community of users and developers. That is to say, that if you’ve encountered some kind of WordPress problem, then there’s a pretty good chance that other users will have as well and that you’ll be able to find instructions online for how to solve the problem.

Here then, we will look at some of the most common problems that WordPress users encounter and at the things you can do to solve them quickly and without incident.

WordPress Isn’t Loading

A problem that commonly affects WordPress users is that their site fails to load all together. This can of course be caused by a number of issues as it’s a pretty broad problem – however a common cause that’s actually very easy to fix is that you have plugins on your site that are not agreeing. Not all plugins are compatible with one another and if one is making a change to your site that the other doesn’t like, this can result in your site failing to load at all.

As you might imagine, the solution to this issue is as straightforward as the cause – it just requires you to uninstall one or more plugins. The easiest way to do this is by uninstalling all your plugins and then reinstalling them one at a time until you manage to reproduce the error and find the culprit.

You Can’t Get Into the Admin Panel

Only problem is, sometimes you won’t be able to reach your admin panel in order to delete plugins. Oh dear! In this case though, a handy solution is to use FTP or the file manager that your hosting service provides and to find a folder called ‘wp-content’. In here is a folder called ‘plugins’. Rename that and you can thus see your site again, plugin free!

Your Theme is Incompatible

Sometimes you can also face the dreaded white screen upon installing a new theme. When this happens, there’s thankfully once again a simple solution which is to rename the folder with the name of your theme, this time found under wp-content/’themes’. When installing new themes, always check that they’re compatible with your version of WordPress before going ahead.

Failed Upgrade

There’s one more possible cause for the ‘white screen of death’ and that’s that your WordPress update has failed mid-way through. When this happens, the solution is to install it manually. You can find how to do that by following these instructions.

You’ve Lost Your Password

If you lose your WordPress password, you can always request that a replacement be sent to your e-mail. However, in some unfortunate cases you’ll find that your e-mail never arrives, leaving you in a bit of a pickle. Thankfully, there’s a relatively easy solution.

That solution is to log in to your cPanel (assuming you’re using a hosting service that provides cPanel, then click on phpMyAdmin under Databases. From here, select your WordPress database, go to wp_users, click on browse and then find your Username. Click ‘edit’ and you’ll be able to add a new password by filing out the ‘user-pass’ form (case sensitive). You’re welcome!


These steps can help you through some of the more common WordPress errors but you know what they say

prevention is better than cure

This is very true when running a website as even very brief downtime can be a serious problem when you’re trying to progress online. Not only does this create a bad impression on your visitors, it also negatively affects your Google ranking as Google sees it as a sign that your site isn’t reliable – it doesn’t want to send its users to sites that will be down or not working and risk that way damaging its own reputation!

Some useful precautions to follow then include:

  • Always read reviews of plugins before installing them
  • Try to avoid installing too many plugins whenever possible
  • Keep your version of WordPress up-to-date
  • Keep all your plugins up-to-date
  • Let professionals handle the larger and more complex updates
  • Look for plugins that can help, such as those that keep your database clean
  • Back up your files regularly – both manually and by using plugins and tools

Take these precautions, treat WordPress with a little caution and respect and you should find that problems are rare!

Benefits Of Using WordPress To Power Your Company Website

WordPress has been launched in 2003 and from that time it has become the most popular blogging platform in the industry. It is considered as the strongest Content Management System available in the market. Here are few benefits of using WordPress for your websites.
Handling is Easy
WordPress platform has a very user friendly interface that makes it easy for the user to handle. Each and every process like adding page, updating details, images, adding or deleting themes etc. is so easy that it does not require any kind of technical knowledge. This feature has attracted many wordpress designing company to this technology.
Computer Free
If you use any software to develop your website then you cannot edit that software using any other computer unless the same software is installed in other systems also. However, WordPress is browser based platform, so it can be accessed through any computers.
Search Engine Friendly
WordPress Platform is designed as very search engine friendly and all the pages developed using the platform will have very simple and clean code behind pages that perform really well in search engine results. WordPress website design company India learnt this technology and started to master the platform in order to deliver the desired products.
Scalable Website
Websites developed using WordPress platforms are very scalable and you can keep on adding pages as your business is growing. Regardless of the pages added in the web portal the performance of the website will be always on the top. As the hosting is provided by the platform itself, even hosting issues are tackled internally. These features are really blessings for WordPress designer.
WordPress has brought a kind of revolution in web designing industry as the whole procedure is simplified and now designers can develop a very attractive and feature-rich web portal effortlessly.